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Apart from our regular activities, we are also developing new projects as under at our land of 65 acres at Boisar, District Thane, 85 kilometers from Mumbai to give ample facilities to these underprivileged, innocent girls and children who in life are victims of human trafficking subjected to severe physical and mental torture for forced prostitution.

1. Biogas generation from buffalo dung & food waste to run gas operated generator for producing free electricity and to operate cooking range for cooking about 250 meals every day.

2. Vermicompost (high quality manure) produced from slurry (a by- product) of Biogas plant, for agriculture & income generation by selling the surplus.

3. Milk production by rearing cattle. The milk produced by them can be used to provide rich nutrition to about 200 girls, HIV positive girls and new born babies & many children residing in our Protective Homes.

4. Agricultural activities are done in about 40 acres. The farming activities include growing vegetables, fruits, grains, flowers & herbs. Besides this we have planted 200 coconut & 400 mango trees. These activities are very essential to train girls as they can normally get jobs as farm labor in their villages.

5. We have constructed a separate building called ‘Recovery Care Center’ for HIV positive girls in 2010 and its second phase in 2012. These girls need special care for medical consultations, medicines and very intricate individual psycho-social counseling.

Being illiterate or being less educated, they are not aware that an HIV positive person can also live a normal life if she takes the medicine regularly and overcomes the fear.

When the occupancy of HIV positive girls in the large building is less, we accommodate normal girls when more rescued girls have to be admitted and the protective home exceeds its capacity.

6. Separate building is established in 2011 as ‘Training Center’ to train the girls in classes to educate them and train them for crafts to generate income for their sustainability. They are trained for tailoring, production of handicrafts, jewellery making, sports, yoga, karate for self defense, painting, dancing, theatricals etc.

7. Electrical power required to light up the entire Boisar Complex is huge. Use of alternative source of energy is implemented by erecting 49 solar lights to illuminate home, kitchen and infrastructural facilities. In order to attain our aim of substituting electrical power by using solar power wherever possible, we shall be installing solar cells and panels on the roof of Recovery Care Center to provide power for geysers, for fans and illuminating dormitories. Any contribution for this purpose is very welcome as it will help the girls to live comfortable life during extensive power cuts in the area.

8. Pure drinking water is necessary for healthy living. We have installed ‘Reverse Osmosis System’ in 2011 for purifying water cooking and for drinking purpose. The system also requires alternative source of energy to operate during long power failures and power cuts.

9. We have established a fully fledged office at Delhi in 2011 for investigation of children in sex trade, identification of the girls missing from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and rescuing them from torture. Our experience in these activities will be effectively utilized to save lives of many girls as the trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation at Delhi has assumed considerable proportions


We are in the process of establishing a Rescue Foundation Protective & Rehabilitation Home for 100 girls at Delhi. This facility will enable us to provide all services effectively as we do at all our homes resulting in true and proper rehabilitation of tormented survivors.

More solar lights to illuminate passage ways, gardens, bungalows, staff quarters and farm in our large complex.

Installation of solar panels to illuminate dormitories and Recovery Care Center.

Vehicle for conveyance of girls to hospitals, courts etc.

Employing a residential MBBS doctor at Boisar to attend to 150 girls and emergency cases.

Ambulance for conveying sick girls to hospital in emergency.

Extension of our Mumbai and Pune homes.


About 20% of the trafficked girls rescued by us are HIV positive. Most of the girls have other serious sexually transmitted diseases and infection. Since they are from very poor backgrounds and have been exploited in the brothels they are easily susceptible to various illnesses leading to sexually transmitted diseases and other serious health complications.

These girls require special attention and care not just limited to their medication but providing them intricate psycho-social counseling at every stage and an overall positive attitude. Their wellbeing depends on the environment in which they stay. Because of their traumatic depression coupled with their HIV status, they develop suicidal tendencies.

There is a need to provide these girls special care and nutritious food, rich with proteins and vitamins to improve their resistance. The reason the project has been planned at Boisar is to have a Recovery Care Centre outside the city pollution and amidst a sprawling, green, serene atmosphere. Being in the lap of nature would ensure that they recover faster, both emotionally and physically. Also, the location is full of greenery and there is lot of open space to provide a relaxing environment to these girls.

Since the girls are very young, providing them with such facilities amidst nature will induce in them a will to live thus helping them to recover. Apart from providing them medical facilities in the Recovery Care Centre, we shall ensure that they become emotionally strong and imbibe a lot of zeal and jest to live a happy and longer life ahead. The Recovery Care Centre would also have "FUN SPACE", library with variety of books including moral stories and fairy tales for these young girls; indoor games, puzzles, drawing etc to bring out the hidden talent in them.

We shall also use different therapy techniques to treat them. Gardening will help them not just to engage themselves creatively but would also provide them with farm-fresh vegetables and fruits for consumption as well as to create income for their immediate financial needs after repatriation & also for part sustainability of the organization. Recovery Care Centre is primarily a concept of mental & physical care, not only a specific place for medical treatment. The centre is established partly with Japanese support and partly with support from the Netherlands. It has the capacity of about 40 patients.

Established of Recovery Care Centre for HIV/AIDS patients. 15% of the girls rescued by us are HIV positive.

Thus Rescue Foundation besides having achieved a prominent position in anti-human-trafficking is now posed to become an ideal NGO which is very active, transparent and honest in fulfilling its task of re-integrating this neglected and needy sector of our society.