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Details of Activities

Rescue Foundation is involved in multifarious activities for rescuing, rehabilitating, reintegrating and repatriating the unfortunate, underprivileged girls and children from hell to human society. Our activities are:

1. Investigation & verification

We regularly receive complaints that a particular girl is missing from a family either in India, Bangladesh or Nepal. Based on the description and photographs of the missing girl, our experienced investigators locate the girl in brothels of Mumbai, Thane, Pune or Delhi. If the girl is below the age of 18 years, she can be rescued directly without her consent but if she is above the age of 18 years, we need her confirmation that she is being forced to prostitute and we need her consent to be rescued Our investigator provides her ‘in-brothel counseling’ to convince her that the world outside the brothel is very beautiful and progressive. Once she gives her consent to be rescued, our investigator helps our rescue team to plan the rescue operation.

The entire process is very risky as if our investigator is identified as a rescuer; he gets brutally beaten up or even killed.

2. Rescue

Our rescue team plans and implements the rescue operation accompanied by police, by raiding the particular brothel to rescue the girl. At the time of raid, every girl is asked whether she wants to be rescued. Many girls are rescued and taken to the concerned police station for recording their statements and filing ‘the first information report. Court examines each girl and decides which girls should be handed over to us for rehabilitation and repatriation. Girls thus handed over to us are admitted in our protective & rehabilitation home.

In case of leakage of information about the raid, girls are crammed in hidden cells built in the ceiling or walls of the brothel. Our rescue team tactfully locates these cells and rescues the hidden girls.

3. Care and Protection

We provide very good living standards to the survivors. Each girl is provided a comfortable bed and individual fan along with healthy nutrition. We ensure that they live happily cop-operating with each other and

Work closely with, provide strategic advice to, & build capacity for humanitarian end to having a healthy society.

Monitor & analyze developments continuously.

Become an expert resource for fulfilling aim and objective of the foundation .

Build a close relationship with and between victims, police, counselors, informers etc.

Provide advice and guidance to victims in order that they can rehabilitate themselves healthily in the society.

Aptitude and ability for direct operational work and direct management is available at every level.

Ability to counsel well in Hindi and even in their respective mother tongues so that we effectively interact with victims. Our counseling is found to be so effective that most often we find some victims developing credibility in us to such an extent that they also start counseling other girls. We find this a very welcome incidence, as difficult girls are more apt to accept the advice given by another girl of their own kind.

In short we offer advice, perception, tools, resources, inspiration, skills, practical and legal interventions and time to rehabilitate the victims to the society.

4. Health Care

Naturally these unfortunate girls suffer from sexually transmitted disease, some with HIV and with other common illness. It is our endeavor to ensure that they are cured of any illness. We have doctors as staff members who treat them. Those who need hospitalization, deliveries or operations are provided with the complete health care.

5. Vocational Training

Sustenance is essential for survival and reintegration in society. These girls are without any means of generation of income. We develop their individual skill and train them in various crafts like tailoring, handicrafts, painting, dancing, jewellery making, yoga, karate, rearing cattle and agriculture to enable them to take up jobs or start small ventures in the villages where they hail from.

6. Legal Aid

Punishing the anti-social elements by law, is a strong deterrent to the crime of Human Trafficking. We file suits in the court of law against the brothel keepers who have subjected these girls to mental and physical torture in the brothels for forcing them to prostitute. Human Trafficking is combated effectively by punishing perpetrators. We prosecute the anti-social elements and obtain their conviction to jail them for 7 to 10 years. Rescued girls are produced in courts as witnesses.

7. Psycho-Social Counseling

As these girls have undergone severe brainwash and mental torture, they have lost all faith on mankind. Intricate psycho-social counseling is necessary at every stage to rehabilitate them. One can imagine the torment and trauma these girls undergo while facing commercial sexual exploitation. They are terribly depressed and psychologically imbalanced. We provide them intricate psycho-social counseling to enable them forget past trauma and convert their negative attitude to positive attitude in life.

8. Nutrition

Daily rich nutrition consisting of breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner are provided to every survivor. Milk and fruits are provided to the ill and HIV patients.

9. Repatriation

Girls are repatriated either to their homes or to NGOs always accompanied by our staff members as escorts. Mainly after the legal procedures are over we contact either their families or the respective NGO (non-government organization) situated in the vicinity of their homes and repatriate the girls accompanied by our two staff members to either their homes or to source NGO. While repatriating we provide them with the day-to-day necessities of life so that they are not inconvenienced during the journey and immediately on reaching the destination. Girls that cannot be repatriated due to one reason or other are either absorbed by us or by source NGO or we find suitable jobs for them in Mumbai.


Girls are saved from physical and mental torture.

They are provided with free and safe accommodation and healthy nutrition.

They receive complete free health care so they become ultimately healthy.

Their skills are developed and they receive free training to take up jobs or operate small ventures so they are then able to sustain themselves and also support their families.

They forget their past trauma and develop positive attitude in life.

They are able to make their own decisions.

Their families regain their daughters.

They regain all their human rights.

Some of them may get married and live a settled life.

Some may pursue education.

They ultimately reintegrate in respectable society as law abiding citizens.